Available Staff for Hire

Available Staff for Hire

Leeward recruits and staffs an array of positions, globally. The opportunities for both, the client and the employee, are endless.

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Over 2 million combined travel mileage of temporary staff

Over 30 countries represented by our staff

Average full-time staff works at least 5 years at property

Over 2 million combined travel mileage of temporary staff


Over 30 countries represented by our staff 


Average full-time staff works at least 5 years at property

Management Professionals

Island Managers | Estate Managers | House Managers | Property Caretakers |

Security | Nannies | Chief of Staff | Personal Assistants | Executive Housekeepers

Below is a small sampling of available staff. When you work with us, you will have access to an extensive database beyond the scope of what is presented here, which will be searched for you. 

Jeff Antoniewicz

Estate Manager

I am highly skilled in orchestrating household operations and maintenance of both the interior and exteriors of a home. I am also well versed in vendor sourcing, negotiation & supervision. I have worked with several high-net worth families, managing daily support both professionally and personally in their everyday lives.

Emily Feist

Live-In Au Pair

I am looking for a position in child care-taking and family assistance for a family that loves to travel. I assist in transportation, tutoring, managing school meetings and appointments, and keeping them active and healthy. I am looking to not only provide assistance and child care, but am motivated to invest time, love, and passion.

Omowunmi Montunrayo


My background and knowledge in Psychology and Sociology gives me insight of how to best interact with others. When this knowledge comes together with my love for helping children, I am able to carry out relationships built on comfort, trust, and respect. 

David Shewmaker

Certified House Manager

I am a House Manager and Personal assistant that can provide to Principals, elders, family, guests, and pets. I am equipped to have full control over the house, its maintenance, and budgets. I also have skills for menu developing, inventory stock, and organizational layout. I am a dynamic and service oriented teacher and leader. 

Carol Perfect-Stanbro

Personal Assistant

If I were to be hired to assist in management and maintenance I have experience in filling three rolls on many M/Y’s. I can multitask to spread my skills to a variety of positions and be most efficient with my work. I can accommodate many guests while providing table service, interior and exterior maintenance, trip planning, childcare, and many other duties and responsibilities. I am great with people and eager to work. On top of this, I am a registered nurse, so I hold safety and health to a high standard.

Sara Green

Interior Management / Family Assistant

I am experienced in housekeeping, nannying, interior detailing, and oversight management from my years of being a Stewardess. I have skills in scuba diving, cocktail making, Microsoft products, and am barista certified. I know the importance of confidentiality, presentation, and service. I am good at managing obligations and prioritization, and will bring my friendly attitude to create a comfortable, well working environment.

Food & Beverage

Executive | Private Chefs | Sous Chefs | Bartenders | Mixologists | Stewards | Butlers | Pursers | Fine Dining Service

Below is a small sampling of available staff. When you work with us, you will have access to an extensive database beyond the scope of what is presented here, which will be searched for you. 

Nathan Hurtt

Private Chef

I am delighted to bring my knowledge of food and business back into the private sector. I have been fortunate to cook for many different clients providing a wide variety of food services leaving me with a vast amount of knowledge on world cuisines, dietary restrictions, and creative innovations.

Monica Hutchinson


Ari Botsford


My skills just begin at my 10+ specialties in cuisines and dietary needs. I have very strong management and leadership qualities that go hand in hand with my creativity and eye for design. I work well with people that allow me to flourish in client relations and is a good fit to take charge. I am flexible, communicative, friendly, and very detail oriented.

Scott Wagner


Christopher Peterson

Silver Service

I have been a server for over 15 years. I also have experience in managing and want to work on a private property to provide my services and professionalism to staff and clients. I understand the importance of presentation and customer service in my career. My motivation and discipline combined with my passion makes me a valuable server.

Spa & Wellness

Massage Therapists | Yoga | Guided Meditations | Pilates Instructors | Beauticians | Estheticians

Below is a small sampling of available staff. When you work with us, you will have access to an extensive database beyond the scope of what is presented here, which will be searched for you. 

Melissa Wooten

Wellness Professional

Casey Hurlburt

Wellness Professional

I have been working in wellness for almost 10 years. I am skilled in performing Swedish, deep tissue, aromatherapy, and prenatal massages. I also do scrubs, hair and scalp treatments, sport specific therapy, and know how to work with hot stones. I also completed my Therapeutic Massage Program and am a registered Yoga Instructor.

Anastasia Meimaroglou

Wellness Professional

Currently, I am working as a personal trainer and am certified through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), as well as being certified to provide CPR, AED, and First Aid through American Red Cross. Previously, I have worked as an Event Coordinator and a Chief Stewardess. I am very results driven and want to provide my clients with the upmost service.

Caroline Williams

Wellness Professional

I am a trustworthy, organized, and prepared wellness professional with great people skills.  I have my education from COMTA accredited Massage Therapy School, effective and ethical delivery of massage therapy and am proficient in SOAP charting and documentation. I am currently Red Cross certified in CPR and First Aid Safety. I am also experienced with several techniques including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Neuromuscular, Polarity, Bamboo, Hot Stone, Thai Yoga, Reflexology, Prenatal, Chair Massage and Body Treatments.

Amber Kirk

Wellness Professional

I have practiced and held chiropractic licences in Europe, USA and Canada. I am currently the owner of Sky High Lifestyles Integrated Health Clinic with Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Chinese Medicine, Physiotherapy and massage. I received the Best Chiropractor Squamish Award from 2013-2017. I have a very positive attitude and enjoy surfing, swimming, PADI scuba, etc.

Alexis Robles

Wellness Professional

My love for the water, travel, and a fun fast-paced work environment led me into the yachting industry. I have been aboard a 62 meter M/Y for over a year and have been part of a team and have even acted as solo stew for a month. I am a friendly and outgoing person who enjoys working as part of a team. My attention to detail and hospitable manner makes taking care of the guests while maintaining a positive attitude seamless. I enjoy taking on new challenges and eagerly welcome each as an opportunity to learn and succeed. I have a very strong work ethic, and I approach every situation with positivity and professionalism. In addition, my 9+ years of experience in Massage Therapy has made me an exceptional and experienced Therapist. I know if given the opportunity to join the Interior Department team, we would both greatly benefit.

Amanda Metta-Burger

Wellness Professional

I am an accomplished, licensed and insured Massage Therapist, Certified CanioSacral Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, 200 RYT Yoga and Meditation Instructor with international experience in working with a broad range of clients from different ethnicity, culture and social walks of life. With more than a decade of experience, keen interest and passion for what I do, I have had positive results with my clients, and demonstrated success in building and sustaining positive relationships which underscores a reputation for integrity and credibility. My work experience includes working at World Class Wellness Centers, offering services aimed at relaxation and holistic healing. I worked at Musha Cays, private island in the Bahamas and for 7 years.

Recreation & Sports

Water Sport Professionals | Tennis Professionals | Golf Professionals | Fitness Professionals | Paramedics | Marine Biologists

Below is a small sampling of available staff. When you work with us, you will have access to an extensive database beyond the scope of what is presented here, which will be searched for you. 

Tia Urella


Tia is a team-spirited, hardworking, and highly motivated firefighter/paramedic with 7 years of professional experience in firefighting and emergency care. She possesses quick thinking skills and a calm attitude during high-pressure situations. Proven track record in collaborating with crew members to suppress an array of emergency situations. Reputation for strong work ethic and exceptional leadership capabilities.

Tyson Poor

Recreation / Water Sports Professional

I have been a professional windsurfer since 2004. I have traveled all over the world, competing and instructing. I started windsurfing was I was 11 years old. Straight out of High School, I decided to put off college for a year and travel all over the states in order to teach windsurfing with a company called ABK.  During that time, I was also competing on the World Tour. After 3 years on tour, I moved to the Hood River, OR, where the biggest community of windsurfers reside. I have been there for the last 12 years, sailing, competing and giving back to the sport that I love!

Baker Newman

Recreational Sports (Tennis Pro)

Christopher Nunez


I seek to use my skills, experience and education for the betterment of my community, employer and family. I am proficient in water related skills and activities. Growing up in South Florida, I have always been involved in Scuba Diving, Fishing, Boating and Surfing. I have a profound love of the ocean and its environment. I have this admiration and have proudly encouraged my kids in the
importance of living life with the search for constant betterment in health, education, and faith.

Carlos Reyes


I am a Company Lieutenant Officer with the City of Boynton Beach Fire Rescue. I work with others in training and and responding to emergency medical situations. I am a dive rescue specialist for water rescue and also work in the Dominican as a lead paramedic instructor. Further into my experience, I have also been an adjunct part-time instructor at Palm Beach State and worked as a certified Massage Therapist, after working in training the Peruvian Navy. I am well equipped to provide my services anywhere at anytime, as well as being capable to teach and act on correct protocol to keep safety the main priority.

Danny Vardag

Recreational Sports (Tennis)

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