Luxury Lifestyle Management

What is Luxury Lifestyle Management?

Luxury lifestyle management is all about providing the ultimate and total discretion to meet clients’ needs. Also known as a lifestyle concierge, the overall goal of the agency or person in a luxury lifestyle management role is simple: manage someone’s lifestyle with the highest levels of service, covering all aspects that provide the client their best life.

What is luxury lifestyle management?

Luxury lifestyle management, also known as luxury concierge service, is the outsourcing of personal and professional tasks to individuals or firms for the purpose of catering to those with demanding personal, professional, or social schedules. This elite lifestyle management oversees personal concierge services designed to balance a client’s family, work, social life, real estate, home services, special events and other priorities effortlessly.

What does a luxury lifestyle manager do?

A luxury lifestyle manager’s job is to handle all aspects of their employer’s personal and professional life. A lifestyle manager will take the time to get to know the employer’s needs, wants, preferences, and goals. Everything from their professional priorities to their favorite bands and restaurants. The goal of the lifestyle manager is to create an ease of living for an employer who may otherwise struggle to find time to manage their busy lives on their own. While sometimes referred to as a personal assistant, they are not quite the same. Learn more about what a personal assistant’s role here.

Types of lifestyle management services

Lifestyle management may include a variety of services, which will vary from employer to employer. High net worth individuals may have lifestyle requests that range from arrangements for fine dining to a helicopter charter, last-minute private jet or other, more unique requests like inspirational experiences.

Some possibilities could include:

  • calendar management
  • personal shopping
  • coordination of personal care and spa services
  • dry cleaning
  • managing free time
  • arrangements for private aviation (private jets)
  • commercial travel booking
  • handling restaurant reservations
  • hotel room reservations at luxury hotels and ensuring exceptional personal service
  • nightclub access
  • coordinating interior design professionals
  • overseeing and coordinating event planning
  • renting or purchasing exotic cars
  • arranging luxury travel plans and travel experiences
  • planning parties or exclusive events
  • remembering birthdays and making sure everyone receives a thoughtful gift on their behalf
  • organizing business trips
  • household management

What attributes and skills does a lifestyle manager have?

A lifestyle manager will likely be asked to provide a wide range of services for their affluent clients. Qualified lifestyle managers or personal assistants are skilled people who dedicate their professional life to enhancing their employer’s lifestyle and leisure experiences. The position is one of great demand and it’s not unusual for a lifestyle manager to be on-call 24 hours a day. The dedicated service professional chosen for the position will take the time to personalize and familiarize themselves with the life of their employer and the people within his/her life.

The mark of a good luxury lifestyle manager is to know what their employer needs before they need it in order to provide the best service possible. Always being one step ahead of requests is an invaluable attribute of a lifestyle manager. There are high expectations for this role in lifestyle services in order to meet clients’ needs and afford them peace of mind in their busy and often complicated lives.

Luxury Lifestyle Management Skills

Skills required for a luxury lifestyle manager include excellent organization, planning, and record keeping. A lifestyle manager handles essential tasks, no matter how small or large, with the highest level of service. They need strong communication skills and flexibility to handle unexpected, unique experiences and potentially high-stress situations. A strong, local knowledge and an extensive network of connections to luxury services as well as VIP services, or the ability to network effectively to gain VIP access is a must. Solid management skills are also valuable in this role because some employers will have a whole lifestyle management team.

Complete discretion with clients’ personal data and adherence to any privacy policy in place is highly prized in luxury lifestyle management. Providing an excellent, enthusiastic, and confident approach to personal service and professional service alike is of real value to high-net-worth clients.

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