What We Do

What We Do

Leeward Staffing is the leader in domestic staffing. Here’s why:

Identifying The Perfect Candidate

Leeward Staffing has been operating since 2000 providing fully vetted full-time and freelance professionals in estate management, hospitality, culinary arts, health, wellness, childcare, recreation and more.

We accommodate all domestic staffing and concierge service requests with your time and privacy in mind. Above all, our goal is that every placement is pure perfection.


Vetting Process

 All employees are subject to a rigorous vetting process. They are bound to privacy and confidentiality agreements. Candidates are interviewed by Leeward followed by a Federal background check, reference checks and social media review. After that, if we believe that the candidate is viable, then they are added to our roster of staff. In other words, we save you the time and effort of finding the right person for the job.




 Just as we take the time to carefully get to know potential employers, we do the same extensively with our candidates. Similarly, we are committed to providing our employees opportunity for learning and personal growth.

Leeward prides itself in honoring its partnerships with care. As a result, it ensures an amazing experience for all. We provide excellent concierge service and staffing.


 If you are in need of any domestic staffing member, whether presented on this site or not, please get in touch with us.


Step 1

Submit a contact form to get in touch with us.

Step 2

We will set up a time to go over all of your goals.

Step 3

We will identify the perfect candidate.


Step 4

Your candidate will be transitioned to your newest employee and easing and balancing the flow of the home. 

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