Adrian Tatlock

  • Britain, United Kingdom
  • May 24, 2019

Adrian is looking for a freelance, rotational and seasonal chef position on a for an Estate or Island where he can utilize not only his culinary knowledge, but also his experience in the yachting and hospitality industry. He considers himself hardworking, and self-motivated individual with a passion and knowledge of fine cuisine. With nearly 20 years in the yachting industry, he takes a pragmatic attitude to his job, able to deal with the day to day operation whilst always ready for the unexpected. Over the years, his career in the culinary arts has taken him from being trained in Classic French Cuisine to learning new cooking styles which sometimes tears up the old rule book such as molecular and sous vide. While he enjoys experimenting and incorporating his new techniques into his dishes, nothing (in his opinion) can replace cooking with the finest, freshest ingredients straight from the local markets which explains his enjoyment of the Mediterranean cuisine.



Temp Crew Chef @ M/Y Lady Lola
Jun 2014 — Jul 2014
Chef @ M/Y Dona Lola
Jan 2009 — Jan 2014

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Adrian is looking for a position on a private property as a rotational and seasonal chef. He has experience being a chef of M/Y's but is looking to move to a job on a Private Estate or Island. His self motivation and love for the culinary arts drive him to follow the path of discovering new cooking styles and techniques, making him diverse in what he can cook. He takes his job very seriously with much enjoyment and is always ready for the unexpected.

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