Amon & Nathascha Johnson

Estate Manager/Chef
Estate Manager/Chef
  • Mississauga, Canada
  • May 15, 2019

Amon is skilled in human resources management, financial planning and operations management with proven success building and maintaining superior client relationships, utilizing interpersonal skills to communicate clearly, quickly resolve problems and motivate teams to exceed objectives.

Nathascha is a talented  individual who has had a lifelong interest in quality food, the hospitality industry and the latest culinary trends. Extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry, it’s working practices, recruitment, pay, conditions of employment and diversity issues. An experienced hostess who works hard to cultivate a high profile with guests and possesses a strong understanding of financial margins and controls. She considers herself to be the beating heart of a resort’s success, and as a hands-on manager, personally involved in rallying staff, serving guests, and generally keeping everything running smoothly. She is having a track record of maximizing guest satisfaction and profitability whilst maintaining high standards of food service and also present a positive and  fashionable image of the business. She is looking for a new and challenging managerial position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience.



Financial Adviser @ Edward Jones Investments
Jan 2018 — Current

Acquiring clients, with company philosophy of face-to-face prospecting strategies, assisting and providing
financial solutions and strategies. Providing holistic financial plan with a wide spectrum of products, from stocks,
bonds, mutual funds and insurance

Freelance Chef
Sep 2017 — Current

Private Catering and Functions.

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Amon is highly qualified, results-oriented hospitality management professional possessing extensive experience developing strategic initiatives that drive objectives and align with company values. Nathascha is an enthusiastic individual with drive, determination and a proven ability to ensure that a hospitality business operates efficiently and profitably.

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