Angela Elchuk

  • Summit, New Jersey
  • June 13, 2019

Angela is looking for a family assistant housekeeper position. She has extensive experience in organization and management over the household needs. She is determined and willing to respond to any needs the family may have. She is good with children and pets and has worked with more specificity in childcare previously. From cooking and cleaning to inventory and deliveries, Angela is equipped to take on a job for any personal household maintenance.



Housekeeper @ Private Family
Sep 2016 — Feb 2017

- Daily care and maintenance of 10k sq ft. home
- Cleaning/Organizing
(Bedrooms, Closets, Kitchen cabinets, Laundry cabinets, Garage, Guest quarters, Pool and fitness areas)
- Family dinners
- Assisting with dinner parties
- Guest care
- Care of fine linens
- Steaming/Ironing
- Household inventory
- Errands
- Answering phones

Profile Preview

Angela has had professional housekeeping experience since 2005. She’s been responsible for daily care, and maintenance of 10k square foot home, cleaning/organizing, family dinners, assisting with dinner parties, etc.

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