Armando DeFilippis

  • Boynton Beach, Florida
  • May 24, 2019

Armando is dedicated to his job in maintaining safety in the environment. He has worked with ocean rescue as a lifeguard and H2O rescue as a rescue diver. He currently, since 1999, has been with Boynton Beach Fire Rescue. He is very versatile in emergency rescue and can remain focused in high stress moments to provide his upmost assistance in a time of need. 



Paramedic/Rescue Driver @ F20 Rescue
Mar 2001 — Current

- Perform helicopter rescue operations for Fountain offshore power boat racing Team.
- Provide medical support for team and crew.

Paramedic/Firefighter/Rescue Driver @ Boynton Beach Fire Rescue
Jan 1999 — Current

- Protect and serve the public.
- Respond to emergency situations.
- Fulfill continuing education requirements.

Profile Preview

Armando is a diligent, responsible and passionate paramedic who works well under pressure and is able to come up with quick solutions who has been a professional since 1994. He can respond to an emergency situation is a calm focused manner, whether it be on land, or an ocean dive rescue.

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