Asharhan Kemp

Silver Service
Silver Service
  • Anywhere, Bahamas
  • June 24, 2019

Asharhan is a friendly and hardworking food and beverage server. She works great with people and is extremely punctual. She is very goal oriented and will fulfill her duties with care and efficiency. Asharhan ensures to make the people around her happy and things smooth running to create a hard working, happy environment. She is a good listener, which allows her to grow in her abilities and get the job done right.



Bartender/Waitress @ Staniel Cay Yacht Club
Mar 2011 — Nov 2017

Profile Preview

Asharhan is looking to obtain a position within an organization to fully utilize her experience and skills. She also is looking to expand her knowledge even further, always leaving room for growth. She is dedicated and wants to have an impact of benefiting her employer and staff. She is excited to find a friendly environment to carry out her career and better her skills even more.

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