Carol Perfect-Stanbro

Personal Assistant/ Chef
Personal Assistant/ Chef
  • Deerfield Beach, Florida
  • June 26, 2019

If Carol were to be hired to assist in management and maintenance she has experience in filling three rolls on many M/Y's. She can multitask to spread her skills to a variety of positions and be most efficient with her work. She can accommodate many guests while providing table service, interior and exterior maintenance, trip planning, childcare, and many other duties and responsibilities. She is great with people and eager to work. On top of this, she is a registered nurse, so she holds safety and health to a high standard.



Mate/Stewardess/Cook @ 5 Different Private M/Y's 51'-116'
May 2013 — Aug 2014

Positions required providing service on private and charter yachts. Duties included interior maintenance,
exterior maintenance, navigation watch, line handling, tender operation, excursion trip planning, purchasing,
provisioning, and hospitality service while operating in US Atlantic, Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Mate/Stewardess/Cook @ Private M/Y
Apr 2011 — May 2013

Yacht used by owner, wife and son as live aboard during the summer season in Montauk, NY. During winter
season, usage was owner’s party with 4 to 6 guest in Florida, Bahamas and Caribbean. Private yacht duties
included table service, interior maintenance, exterior maintenance, navigation watch, tender operation, trip
planning, line handling, excursion trip planning, meal preparation, purchasing, provisioning, nursing care,
party planning for 50 guests, flower selection/arranging, child care for owner’s son and hospitality service.
Sea time experience included operations on trips in the Atlantic, Bahamas and Caribbean.

Profile Preview

Carol is seeking a position as a Personal Assistant/Cook on a private estate to assist in Management. She has her American Yacht Institute Professional Yacht Attendant Certification. She is well-organized, solution oriented, motivated, and discreet and calm. She has supervised the interior crew, exterior crew and vendors

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