Cayla-Anne Huxter

Interior Management
Interior Management
  • Long Island, New York
  • June 25, 2019

Cayla has Stewardess experience and qualifications, giving her preparedness for all duties in interior management, with detailing, silver service, people skills, and organization. She has had hands on Stewardess experience since 2013, and her service experience extends even further back into hostessing and waitressing. She works well with a team, whether she's new to the job or knows her staff. She can help pulls strings to hold service and events have higher standards and make it seemless.



Chief Stewardess @ Private M/Ys 156ft
Jan 2016 — Jul 2016

She started a freelance gig turned permanent after the owners trip. From there the boat was
sold after a very busy Harbor Island trip for spring break and we moved onto a 156ft Delta. She packed
and unpacked, reorganized both vessels, was in charge of interior accounts, orders, organization and smooth
sailing of the new boat. While on trips she was head of service, did cabins in the mornings, organized
outings/reservations for the guests. Working with this owner was a great growing & learning experience.

2nd Stewardess @ Private M/Y 150ft
Jan 2016 — Current

Having a very busy season in Sag Harbor, Long Island the owner came on every weekend with groups
of people from lunch cruises to formal dinners, the interior worked very hard around the clock with 3girls.
Rotated from laundry, cabins and service as well as reservations for guests. The boat was heavily used for
clambakes, family trips and business trips. Got the boat back in order after a crew turn over and busy
season from organizing uniforms, storage, inventories and bilges.

Profile Preview

With having experience in the yachting industry since 2013, Cayla was able to train for attention to deal, how important communication is and having a positive attitude as well as knowing her strengths and weaknesses. She is passionate about pursuing a career as a Senior Stewardess on board a busy charter or private motor yacht. She is responsible, social, reliable, very good with children, patient, organized, positive and hard working.

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