Chantelle Taylor

Private Medic/ Safety
Private Medic/ Safety
  • Anywhere, United Kingdom
  • May 15, 2019

Chantelle  is a low profile medical professional who engages effortlessly under pressure, often roleplaying the essential link to enable seamless transitions in fluid or fast moving situations. She is an operative who maintains an extremely  high level of physical fitness with a credible background operationally, covering the Balkans, Africa, The Middle East and Eastern Asia. She is well experienced to care for and protect at the standards they are held to.



Primary Medic/Security @ Saladin, Worldwide
Jan 2016 — Current

Primary medic/security detail for the Defender team, 29 members charged with the care of
HRH Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud and his family. Currently positioned as primary
medic/security detail for (HH) the Aga Khan and his family, in addition the provision of boat
safety for of the Canadian Prime Minister and US Secretary of State.

Jun 2015 — Current

Responsibilities include: All aspects of tactical medicine including Tactical Combat
Casualty Care TCCC provider/instructor. Expeditionary medic for GBV

Profile Preview

Chantelle is a senior security advisor with a wide-ranging knowledge of hostile and culturally sensitive areas, balancing both as required. She is good with a fast paced environment and has an in depth understanding of different cultures around the world. She is currently working as the primary medic/ security detail with 29 other members of high up political figures and foreign royalty.

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