Charlotte Whiting

Silver Service Professional
Silver Service Professional
  • Anywhere, Egypt
  • June 24, 2019

The first 7 years of Charlotte’s career was spent in the industry traveling 97,000 nautical miles from the Pacific Islands to Asia, South Africa, the Mediterranean, UK, USA, and the Caribbean with a few little island pit stops along the way. Her extensive travel, both domestically and internationally had equipped her with the expertise to communicate effectively with others. She believes that strong and confident teamwork is essential. Whilst being an active team player, she is also comfortable working on individual tasks, all which she performs with the utmost attention to detail. She is able to both give and take direction and with good humor.



Full time Chief Stewardess @ M/Y Queen K, 73m
Jun 2016 — Apr 2017

Prioritizing and managing interior duties for an interior team of 8. Owner trips involving silver service and bar tending.
Organizing the interior set up after a shipyard period. Uniform, provision ordering and management. Other duties included
detailing and cleaning of the interior both of crew and guest areas. Duties including provisioning, monitoring and
management of day workers and event planning. Updating and monitoring the uniform supplies on board. Recovering the
yacht down for the winter period. Arranging contractors and work list for a shipyard period. Recruitment, training and
mentoring of new stewardesses.

Profile Preview

Charlotte is confident and an essential part of a team for any professional crew. She always works with people successfully, staff and guests. In filling any career position she brings her strong, confident, loyal, and honest personality. She prides herself on
willingness to work hard to meet personal goals and standards. These attributes allows her to provide the
impeccable standard of service demonstrated within this industry, not only to the owner of the yacht/ estate, but the
guests as well.

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