Jill Becker

Estate Manager
Estate Manager
  • Orleans, Massachusetts
  • August 13, 2019

Jill bases her work on high standards and efficiency to ensure minimal confusion and professional service. She is organized to maintain  control of inventory, food planning, and and structural implement changes. Not only can she assist in areas of food and beverage helping with food and drink pairing, but also lowering the the cost and budgeting in the culinary sector while raising the health and standards of meals. Jill ensures that whatever environment she is in, she will boost enthusiasm and productivity through relationships built on respect. She has leadership qualities that allows her to gain control with ease and relay decisions and standards with all ears.



Operations Manager @ Three Bees Resort
Aug 2019 — Sep 2019

On-site 24-hour management of independent luxury fully-inclusive private
resort in the Caribbean hosting up to 26 highly discerning guests, with an average of 10 local
employees. The property operates as a private resort for 9 months and as a private residence
for 3 months with UHNW owner and his extended family on the extensive property, consisting
of 5 houses, cinema, office, pool, and a second property a half mile away encompassing two
safari-style tents, massage tent, a lunch gazebo and full kitchen, with a flotilla of water vessels.
Responsibilities include: All bookkeeping and accounting. Working with government officials,
obtaining all applicable permits. Ensuring proper maintenance of all fine antiques, silver,
artwork and guest/owner belongings. Guest relations, including confidentiality and security for
high profile, ultra-high net worth guests. General logistics, cost evaluation, Researching,
budgeting, and procurement of assets and guest requirements. Staff training/hiring/firing, and
hands-on supervision of all staff and contractors. Inventory and cost control. Acting personal
assistant for owner and nanny for owners’ children when in residence. Responsible for
research, development, and planting of tropical fruit orchard.
Specific accomplishments:
Implemented inventory and cost controls measures to reduce waste and losses.
Created and executed property manual encompassing all areas, activities, and scenarios in
order to ensure a higher standard of service.

Farm Manager Consultant @ Briland Farmers
May 2014 — Aug 2019

Generated and actualized Sales and Marketing programs. Developed business by increasing
brand recognition and increased revenue by 500%. Researched, developed, and implemented
organic farming methods. Effected farm management protocols including water management,
companion planting, crop rotation, bumper crop use for maximum product output. Determined
growth rates to coordinate with targeted hospitality needs to ensure supply met demand, and
demand did not overly exceed supply. Trained non-english speaking laborer’s. Conducted
children’s and community agricultural learning programs, as well as, farm collaboratives.
Responsible for all procurement, logistics, quality control, and bookkeeping.

Profile Preview

Jill is a hard working estate manager who is highly skilled in guest services, revenue management, and specified accommodations. She has the experience to manage all aspects of a property, internally and externally. She is dedicated to ensuring a smooth running staff and environment through her abilities to recruit, hire, and train staff. In running an estate, Jill strives to develop motivation and passion in those around her while fulfilling her own passion for leadership. Also, her insight in sales and marketing allows her to be knowledgable in aspects of information compilation and retention along with knowing how to best communicate and build persuasive relationships with contractors, vendors, and/or her employers business clientele.

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