Nadia & Adonis Janse Van Rensburg/Vlachopoulos

Estate/Island Management
Estate/Island Management
  • Anywhere, United States of America
  • May 20, 2019

Both Adonis and Nadia enjoy nature, kite-surfing, hiking and snowboarding in Mountain-Biking. Adonis wants to manage a property to oversee and coordinate principals needs and maintenance. Nadia can fill a position as a personal assistant, chef, interior manager/silver service professional. Adonis and Nadia want to work together on a property in these positions. They are both dedicated to their careers in providing the upmost service held to the standards placed on their work.



Delivery Crew @ Trans-Atlantic (47 Metre Perini Navi)
Oct 2018 — Nov 2018
Relief Chef @ 154 ft Perini Navi
Oct 2018 — Dec 2018

Trans-Atlantic relief Chef on
this yacht. Logistics, provisioning, watch keeping and cooking.

Profile Preview

Adonis and Nadia are both professional managers with extensive experience since 1997. Adonis has been a captain and Nadia has been a chef/stewardess/first mate on large yachts together. The couple is now looking to move to land to, together, manage a private properties organization, oversight, interior management and detail, and food and beverages.

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