Omowunmi Montunrayo

  • Anywhere, Nigeria
  • July 23, 2019

Omowunmi's background and knowledge in Psychology and Sociology gives her insight of how to best interact with others. When this knowledge comes together with her love for helping children, she is able to carry out relationships built on comfort, trust, and respect. She has further skills in managing households and improving any situation where she is needed. She takes on responsibilities, such as organizing free classes for students over the summer to make a positive impact on the children's academic improvements.



Bachelor of Arts in Psychology @ Berea College
Aug 2008 — May 2012


Sole Proprietor and Principal Trader @ OMS Trading Services
Jun 2013 — Current

- Managing a financial trading portfolio with pool of funds from individual
- Trading financial instruments (foreign currencies and options) online for individual

Front Desk Administrative Assistant/ Office Support Manager @ Berea College Student Financial Aid Services
Aug 2008 — May 2012

 Answered student, parent, and public inquiries about financial aid over the phone, email,
and front desk
 Matched students with financial aid counsellors
 Organized hard copy and electronic files of students receiving aid Managed fellow student-workers in the office to ensure orderliness and efficient delivery
of services
 Trained new student-workers and helped with their integration into the office’s student-
 Performed clerical duties necessary for office administration
 Worked with document imaging and processing software – Nolij Web and Banner data
management software
 Assisted financial aid counsellors in the office as required

Profile Preview

Omowunmi has much experience working assistant positions as well as working with youth in teaching courses in psychology. She can manage other staff to ensure orderliness and assist in staff integration. She has a passion for working with children and young adults and prides her work with children on positive development in all stages and learning. Not only does she work to have children exceed in basic areas, but assists them to carry out social interactions and higher confidence. Her administrative and private estate experience give her the abilities to stay organized and understand human relations.

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