Terrilee Rydalch

Wellness professional
Wellness professional
  • Miami, Florida
  • May 30, 2019

Terrilee is interested in working with highly trained professionals to get the best advice out of the best in the industry. She not only focuses on on-board ordered services, but also has much experience in housekeeping, laundry, massage therapy, maintenance, basic service and management, bartending, and most importantly in working with people. She is seeking long term permanent employment in providing services on private or chartered motor yacht. On top of her 7 yacht certifications, Tarrilee has much experience and education in providing a respectful, fun, adventurous touch to the work that she is involved in.



Yacht Certifications
Jan 2016 — Jan 2016

- Security Awareness with Designated
- PYA Yacht Interior Introduction
- PYA Food Service/Silver Service
- Food Safety and Hygiene
- PYA Silver Service/Food Service
- Small Powerboat and RIB Master

Licensed Massage Therapist @ Utah College of Massage Therapy
Jan 1998 — Jan 1998


Freelance Stewardess for Miami Boat Show
Feb 2017 — Mar 2007

Live on-board position

Daywork Stewardess
Dec 2016 — Dec 2016

Detailed heads/beds,
salon, and galley. Delivered cushion to upholstery repair

Profile Preview

Terrilee has been serviced oriented since childhood. Owning her own business and working with clients for many years has helped her gain a strong respect or confidentiality and privacy, especially valued in the yachting industry. She is accustomed to long hours, pushing through to get the job done and keeping a smile on her face as she accomplishes the task in front of her, looking to not only satisfy her career choice, but those she works with/for as well.

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