Thomas Wende

Estate/ Island IT Management
Estate/ Island IT Management
  • Anywhere, United States of America
  • May 24, 2019

Thomas has over 15 years of experience and close to 20 different qualifications and training to give him versatility in Being an IT Infrastructure Consultant on a Private Estate or Island. He works to maintain the private running network in keeping it secure and effectively creating solutions to harmonize the peoples technology of varying environments. His last two years have been spent building robust networks in austere environments that are
inimical to electronic equipment. The unique requirements and culture of private islands
necessitate strong consultative relationships, unusually close attention to detail, and careful
balance of capabilities, ease of use, and resilience in hardware and software selection.



Self-Employed @ Soldier Cay
Jun 2014 — Current

The client had an aging, increasingly unreliable, and entirely ad-hoc network infrastructure, devoid of
any documentation or scheduled maintenance. Break-fix was costly and outages often lasted for weeks.
Furthermore, sharing of limited bandwidth was a highly contentious issue. Like all private islands, this
one has a strong culture of self-sufficiency and no specifically trained IT personnel. After careful
consultation with the island’s owner and staff, an overhaul, refresh, and capabilities expansion was
undertaken. Outcomes were as follows:
Deployment of an application filtering firewall and associated network topology changes,
enabling far more precise allocation and control of limited VSAT bandwidth. The capability was
fielded in stages of increasing refinement, enabling the island’s managers to grow into the
Comprehensive inspection, qualification, and (where necessary) re-termination or replacement
of all inter-building and premise cabling.
Active and passive WiFi site surveys were conducted. The WiFi infrastructure was completely
overhauled, with a standardized package of Ubiquiti access points, Tycon UPS enclosures, and
managed network switches at each node.
Fault-tolerant and scalable file and print services were deployed. Synology was selected
because of its ease of use and adroit handling of heterogeneous environments. The infrastructure was comprehensively documented. Maintenance and inspection schedules
have been incorporated into the island’s work flow and key administrative and maintenance
tasks were trained. As a result, the island enjoys an unprecedented level of network uptime.

Self-Employed @ Bell Island
Aug 2013 — Feb 2015

The client undertook a major infrastructure expansion, including the installation of over 4 miles of
single-mode fiber optic cabling to 10 nodes, saturation wiring of the newly expanded staff quarters,
maintenance facilities, and offices, expansion of WiFi service at all nodes, and enterprise switch and
VoIP phone deployments.
Fostered a strong, collaborative relationship with the island’s management that enabled
anticipation of and rapid response to evolving project deliverables with minimal guidance.
Responsible for all finish work related to structured cabling at all nodes. Work included the
installation of wall-mounted equipment cabinets, fiber optic enclosures and splice trays,
Ethernet patch panels, and network switches.
Configured, cabled, and deployed Ubiquiti Access Points throughout the infrastructure.
Performed ongoing troubleshooting and break-fix in the production environment.
Developed detailed inspection and maintenance schedules for the entire physical plant, servers,
and network infrastructure.

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Thomas has extensive experience in technology in IT Infrastructure. He can put it to use for security, maintenance, and Project Management. He has leadership skills to clearly relay what needs to be done and how. He builds strong relationships and reliability with his people skills and work ethic.

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