Tyson Poor

Recreation/Water-sports Professional
Recreation/Water-sports Professional
  • Hood River, Oregon
  • May 24, 2019

Tyson has been a professional windsurfer since 2004. He has traveled all over the world, competing and instructing.  He started windsurfing was he was 11 years old. Straight out of High School, he decided to put off college for a year and travel all over the states in order to teach windsurfing with a company called ABK.  During that time, he was also competing on the World Tour. After 3 years on tour, he
decided to move up to the Hood River, OR, where the biggest community of windsurfers reside. He has been there for the last 12 years, sailing, competing and giving back to the sport that he loves!



US National Mens Slalom Champion
Jan 2015 — Current

Ranked #1 for 2017

Professional Teacher
Jan 2004 — Current

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Tyson is so committed to his job because its something that he loves. He has experience and enjoys teaching others wind-sailing and has devoted his life to assisting others to find a passion similar to his. He works well with people and can teach a total beginner to eventually be an advanced wind surfer. He looks to work on a private island instructing others on water sports recreation.

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