Virginia Batres

Silver Service Professional
Silver Service Professional
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • May 14, 2019

Virginia is a silver service professional that has always strived to provide her best service. She loves exploring new cities and cultures.  Her hobbies include hiking or scuba diving in new exotic locations. In her free time, she likes getting creative by making new dishes, exploring her taste buds and going to the gym.



Solo Stewardess @ M/Y Bread 13ft
Mar 2016 — Oct 2016

At this time I worked as a solo stew (4 months shipyard). During the yard period crew lived in a crew house for 2 months. I was in charge of managing the money allowance, and often helped exterior in wash downs and teak treatment. Other duties included crew uniform inventory, cooking daily (lunch, dinner), also completed interior daily/weekly/monthly duties.

2nd Stewardess @ M/Y I Love This Boat 145ft
Dec 2015 — Mar 2016

I was in charge of maintaining the boat as a solo stew. As we hiring a chief stewardess and chef when guest would come on board. My duties included doing laundry, making lunch and dinner for crew, dust/vac, maintaining cabins and heads and at times helping out on deck with wash downs or docking the boat; setting up fenders and working lines. Also when we have trips I would set the table for any occasion (breakfast, lunch, dinner), make beds and iron sheets, also I enjoyed interacting with guest so I help during service. Other task included flower arrangements, taking down inventory such as owner’s preference, crew uniform, alcohol, and
general supply.

Profile Preview

Virginia is a hard-working, responsible, and reliable professional. She has been a stewardess since 2014 and wishes to work towards land based positions. She would like to work on an estate as an interior manager or a Silver Service Professional. She loves the industry and has always been in hospitality and always provides her best service.

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