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First Name: Nathan Position: Private Chef
Nathan is delighted to bring his knowledge of food and business back into the private sector. He has been fortunate to cook for many different clients providing a wide variety of food services leaving him with a vast amount of knowledge on world cuisines, dietary restrictions, and creative innovations.
First Name: Shandon Position: Wellness Professional
Shandon is a highly self-motivated individual with a keen eye for detail and great people management skills. She has gained experience in dealing with exclusive and high demand clients who expect projects to run in a professional and timely manner. Her experience in leading multi-cultural teams has put her in good stead to manage in many high stress situations teaching her to work well under pressure. She aims to share her knowledge and skills with yoga and wellness to clients and if need be assist in getting service up to standard in hospitality.
First Name: Jeff Position: Estate Manager
Jeff is a well seasoned estate manager and personal assistant with over 15 years of experience supporting high level executives and their families. He has experience working at all levels of pressure, and responding quickly to last minute requests. His knack for organization has made managing multiple properties and businesses a breeze.
First Name: Jill Position: Estate Manager
Jill is a hard working estate manager who is highly skilled in guest services, revenue management, and specified accommodations. She has the experience to manage all aspects of a property, internally and externally. She is dedicated to ensuring a smooth running staff and environment through her abilities to recruit, hire, and train staff. In running an estate, Jill strives to develop motivation and passion in those around her while fulfilling her own passion for leadership. Also, her insight in sales and marketing allows her to be knowledgable in aspects of information compilation and retention along with knowing how to best communicate and build persuasive relationships with contractors, vendors, and/or her employers business clientele.
First Name: Emily Position: Live-In Au Pair
Emily has experience working as a live-in au pair for 4 different families in the past 5 years in several different countries. Due to language, cultural, social, and economical differences, each position was incredibly different. Her experiences, as well as interning for a preschool during my college education, have developed her intellectual, mental and physical abilities so that she may care for each child with love, positivity, guidance, patience and discipline.
First Name: Emy Position: Estate Manager
Emy is a motivated and energetic agent with 15 years experience in real estate sales, marketing and management, giving her good insight for which decision will best benefit the estate she is responsible for. She is proficient at managing multiple properties and listings while maintaining an excellent working relationship with other real estate agents, lenders, appraisers, title companies, surveyors and attorneys. She is an honest team member or individual worker who is highly organized and driven to provide her best work to her clients.
First Name: Bailey Position: Nanny
Bailey is a mature and professional educator who adapts to new situations and technologies with ease. She is enthusiastic with superb communication skills and easily cultivates trusting and productive relationships with students, parents, teachers and administration. She has much experience is assisting children and parents through the developmental and learning stages of growth.
First Name: Alejandro Position: Estate Manager
Alejandro is a self-starting, self-motivated Estate Manager excellent in high pressure, busy environments. He has a lot of experience managing all aspects of interior and exterior maintenance, as well as being Silver Service Certified. His outstanding organizational skills and ability to remain calm in pressing situations allows him to work most efficiently and quickly with out compromising his work quality.
First Name: Omowunmi Position: Governess
Omowunmi has much experience working assistant positions as well as working with youth in teaching courses in psychology. She can manage other staff to ensure orderliness and assist in staff integration. She has a passion for working with children and young adults and prides her work with children on positive development in all stages and learning. Not only does she work to have children exceed in basic areas, but assists them to carry out social interactions and higher confidence. Her administrative and private estate experience give her the abilities to stay organized and understand human relations.
First Name: Russell Position: Estate Management
Highly accomplished and service-oriented estate professional with over 20 years of estate and landscape management experience. Keen ability to manage and coordinate contractors and provide beneficial advice to principals. Offers great time management, adaptability, problem solving and an ability to work in a team environment.
First Name: Ari Position: Chef
Ari exhibits professional experience through her wide range of cooking styles, her readiness to teach and learn, and management capabilities, while always leading her working with an efficient creative direction. She can fill many rolls in a private Estate to assist in smooth running operations and a happy environment.
First Name: David Position: Certified House Manager
With thirty years of diversified hospitality experience, David's management, culinary and service backgrounds include private estates, commercial kitchens in restaurants and luxury hotels, and event operations. His career has been built on a foundation of strong leadership, flexibility, attention to detail, openness to learning, and a genuine love of bringing happiness to others.
First Name: Carlos Position: Server/ Personal Assistant
Carlos has experience of being a professional Bartender since 1999. He has worked with many high-profile families and restaurants, as well as with an award winning wine list and has excellent customer service skills with the ability to multitask. He has strong hospitality skills and also a good amount of knowledge about business.
First Name: Charissa Position: Interior Management
Charissa is currently a resident of Costa Rica, yet originally from South Africa. At the age of eight, her family set sail from South Africa on an around the world sailing adventure. She lived in the US for seven years, where after her family moved to Costa Rica. She has been yachting since the age of 19. She is well adapted to life at sea, extremely hard working, a big team player, organized and focused. She also has a friendly personality and enjoys helping out wherever is needed.
First Name: Brock Position: Server/ Assistant
Brock seeks to obtain a position as a server/bartender. He works well under pressure, can work well in fast-paced environments and passionate. He has had experience since 2008, also having attended ABC Bartending school.
First Name: Carol Position: Personal Assistant/ Chef
Carol is seeking a position as a Personal Assistant/Cook on a private estate to assist in Management. She has her American Yacht Institute Professional Yacht Attendant Certification. She is well-organized, solution oriented, motivated, and discreet and calm. She has supervised the interior crew, exterior crew and vendors
First Name: Christina Position: Interior Management
Christina wants a position where she can use her broad hospitality, finance, business, and/or public relations to benefit a team and help maintain priorities successfully. She's looking for a management position on an Estate or Island.Christina can bring her creative, dynamic, friendly attitude to the table at all times.
First Name: Antonio Position: Chef
Antonio is an extremely personable, highly motivated professional Chef with over 20 years of demonstrated success in all aspects of culinary preparation, food service, special events, and fine dining operations. As a Chef that cares so much about food and where it comes from, I can promise you that I serve only the finest, truly organic and sustainable foods that I can find.
First Name: Candace Position: Nanny
Candace has had experience with a professional nanny for many years now. She has worked with children of all ages. She graduated with an Early Childhood Education degree and has over 500 hours of community service. She is kind, patient and very reliable to help children grow in a happy healthy environment, no matter the age.
First Name: Chanique Position: Butler/ Silver Service Professional
Chanique seeks to give 110% professional guest service by providing the best and producing the best out of Food and Beverage. She has had experience since 2009. She works well under pressure, is patient and very reliable. Her experience of being on Bahamian Islands and love for the water, she has always appreciated and enjoyed her career.
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