What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

What Does a Personal Assistant Do?

You may have wondered, what does a personal assistant do, and how could they help me? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by your day-to-day responsibilities? Whether you’re running a business or managing your own household, the tasks of each day add up quickly.

A personal assistant is an individual qualified to help with a wide range of duties from email management to childcare and household chores.

The Benefits of Hiring an Assistant

A personal assistant is a valuable resource when your plate feels too full to manage.

They offer many benefits, including:

  • A Reduced Workload
  • Alleviated Stress
  • Reliable Support

When determining the best personal assistant for your needs, you may be wondering what type of services they can provide. A personal assistant’s responsibilities will vary greatly and depend heavily upon what you need and what they are qualified to take on.

Some tasks you may choose to outsource include:

  • Running Errands
  • Answering Phone Calls
  • Managing Emails
  • Childcare
  • Trip Planning

What to Look for When Hiring a Personal Assistant

Typically, an assistant helps with the daily tasks of running a household or managing a business.

The right assistant will depend on what tasks you are needing accomplished, and how involved they will be in your day.

When looking to find the best personal assistant, here are a few questions to consider:

  • What areas do they specialize in?
  • Do your personalities mesh well?
  • Can they multitask?
  • Are they responsible and accommodating?
  • Are they a quick learner?

A personal assistant’s job is to make your life a little easier, but this is not possible if you are not a compatible match. It is crucial to ask the right questions at the initial meeting to ensure finding a personal assistant that works well with you and your family.

Where to Find a Personal Assistant

Here at Leeward Staffing, we are experienced in helping you identify the right qualified candidate for your domestic concierge position opening! We vet every candidate that comes through our recruitment agency. After going through an intensive interview and background check, we then help people, like you, connect with someone that meets their needs.

Eliminating the need to vet your own candidates for the position helps speed the process along and also ensures a suitable match from the beginning.

If you are interested in finding a personal assistant, reach out today! We are happy to discuss the day-to-day responsibilities you are looking to outsource and help you find the right fit for you.