Why Choose a Job in Domestic Concierge Care

Why Choose a Job in Domestic Concierge Care?

Domestic Concierge Care providers are often responsible for a wide range of duties around a home or estate. Their priority is to relieve the strain of managing and maintaining a home by providing services that support and assist homeowners in their busy day-to-day lives.  

As a Domestic Concierge, your responsibilities may vary from managing a household budget, housekeeping, personal shopping, providing childcare, or eldercare just to name a few.  

No job opportunity is the same. Some homeowners are only looking for support in one area, while others may have an extensive list of needs. Your skillset and abilities will determine what roles you are suitable for. 

Would I Make a Good Domestic Concierge? 

Not everyone is equipped to become a domestic concierge. There are certain character traits that thrive in this type of environment—while other people may find that it is not for them.  

If you’re looking to get into a Domestic Concierge career, we highly recommend evaluating your strengths and work experience before getting into the field.

5 things for a new Domestic Concierge to consider:

  • Experience. Do you have experience as a chef, nanny, property manager, or personal trainer? Experience in a specific field is key to providing high-quality services for an employer.
  • Reliability. Are you able to commit to a schedule that works around your employer’s schedule? Flexibility and reliability are essential for providing excellent care when the employer needs it most.  
  • Trustworthy. Confidentiality and privacy are our highest priority. You will be required to undergo an extensive background check before being added to our roster. 
  • Hardworking. Every employer wants to know that they are hiring an employee willing to work hard to complete the tasks at hand. You will need to be self-motivated and ready to step in when your assistance is needed.  
  • Committed. A long-term commitment is also often requested by homeowners. Consistency, especially when it comes to domestic support, is highly favorable.  

How Leeward Staffing Can Support You 

Leeward Staffing understands the importance of making a suitable match for both the employer and employee. Our team of placement specialists is ready to support you in finding a position compatible with your skill set, personality, and location.  

If you have the interest and experience in domestic concierge care—we’d love to support you in finding an open position.  

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